Prizes - Odds

100% Accurate - Everytime

Of course, the creation and validation of 100% accurate data is vital. Our investment in people, process, and technology has produced a data creation process that is 100% accurate.

We can produce data in any format, from simple data files to XML.


When calculating odds, we have the in-house capability to generate data for different types of games or simply compute the odds to list in the rules.

For any new games, we have our data checked by local university statistician professors. We never roll the dice when computing odds or any calculation.

We also are happy to review the odds you have computed. Never hurts to double check. We can confirm your calculations to ensure we are all computing the same odds.

Data: Creation and Validation

We have developed software that allows us to create and validate any prize data needed. And in any format needed.

All data is verified with a proprietary "error and duplicate checking" software. After the software has confirmed accuracy, we will also print subsets of data to be checked manually against the master data files.

Data can only be used in production after it has been through our rigorous validation process. Which includes both software validation and quality control personnel. Only after all of these checks have occurred, do we give the "green light" of approval for production.