Seems easy...

Determining the "best prizes" can be tricky.  A lot of different questions need to be answered.  For example:

  • What prize amounts will best achieve my marketing goals?
  • The prize budget is small, how do we maximize the results?
  • Cash, Services, or Products: Which is better?
  • Tons of small prizes, big Grand Prize or both: Which is better?

We enjoy working with people, going through the promotion details, and coming up with the best prizes . Understanding the promotions details is how you determine the best prizes. Promotion details include: demographics, goals, distribution, quantity, etc.

Over the years, we have garnered a lot of prize experience. These pages explain in more detail the most common information people want regarding prizes.

It is best to talk in person, if you need help. Please feel free to contact us and we will work with you to figure out the best prizes for your promotion.