Spin the Lucky Barrel and Draw Me a Winner

Sweepstakes are when people fill out entry forms for a drawing of prizes. People can enter using paper or online. At the end of the sweepstakes, a drawing occurs. The selected winners are notified that they have won a prize.

Historically, sweepstakes have not been considered a promotional product. The VFW holding a sweepstakes at the Friday fish fry, while tasty, is not much of a promotion.

Times change and now sweepstakes drawings are being added to promotions.
The main reasons are:

  • Collect valuable data from customers
  • Excitement is added with a chance to win a large prize
  • Minimal effort
  • Cost effective

Either offline or online, let's see if a sweepstakes drawing makes sense for your promotion.

We also will be able to explain all the components involved in a sweepstakes:

  • Advertisement Collateral
  • Rules Drafting
  • Attorney Review
  • State Registration
  • Surety Bonds
  • Prize Insurance
  • Processing of Entry Forms
  • Drawing of winners
  • Validate legitimate winners
  • Publicity releases for winners
  • Communication with winners
  • Fulfillment of prizes / 1099s
  • Press Releases