Probability Scratch Offs

Every card is a possible winner!

People love probability scratch off cards.

Every ticket is a possible winner for all prizes, including the Grand Prize!

How it works

A probability scratch off card has 30 scratch off boxes. Underneath 6 of those boxes are a winning symbol: $. The other 24 boxes have an X.

Scratch off only 6 boxes. The other 24 boxes are not scratched off. If more than 6 boxes are scratched off, the card is null and void. Simple.

If the 6 boxes have a $, then the person is a Grand Prize winner! If 5 out of 6 boxes have a $, then the person is a 2nd Place winner! 4 out of 6 is 3rd Place. So forth....

You can have as many prizes as you want.

Prize Insurance

Probability scratch off cards can easily add prize insurance. Prize insurance allows you to add a large Grand Prize with no risk and little money. For $1,000 you can have a $10,000 Grand Prize! Grand Prizes range from $10,000 to $10,000,000.

A cost effective way to keep your prize budget low, while increasing the total amount of prizes.

Winning Promotions, LLC is an authorized reseller of Lloyds of London Underwriters' Insurance Policies.

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How Many Winners

The total number of winners is determined by probability. Hence, the name.

Meaning, the probability someone will scratch off a "6 out of 30 game" and reveal 6 winning symbols is 1:593,775. The expected number of grand prize winners, if 593,775 cards are distributed, is 1. Yes, only one person is expected to reveal 6 matching symbols if 593,775 cards have been played. It is the law of probability. Just like if you flip a coin; 1 in 2 are the odds for landing on heads.

The numbers don't lie. Years ago, the first time we heard about this, we were skeptical. Time has shown that the number of winners is 99.99% accurate. What about the .01%? Hello, Prize Insurance.


The example above is called a "6 out of 30 game".

But you are not limited to running only 6 out of 30 games. The total number of scratch off boxes can change. The number of winning symbols can change.

Instead of a 6 out of 30, you can do 5 out of 20, 4 out of 40. The most popular is the 6 out of 30.

Of course, if you change the game, the odds change for the number of winners. Which is a good thing. For this is how we can 'fine tune' the game for your budget.

Lower your prize budget

Seems strange but give out larger prizes and pay less. Companies love probability scratch cards because they can actually lower the total prize budget!