Instant Win Scratch Offs

Classic Favorite

The timeless favorite that everybody has done. A simple scratch off game works great for business or consumer promotions.

Add a scratch off game, to any type of marketing program, for better results:

  • in-store traffic builder
  • online traffic builder
  • in-pack / on-pack sales incentive
  • point of purchase
  • direct mail
  • magazine inserts
  • incentive programs
  • convention handout
  • foot traffic handout
  • others...

Scratch off cards draw attention to your product or service.

The results have been consistent over the decades. They are consistent because the scratch off card works. The benefits are:

  • People like taking a coin and scratching away. For a second, feel like a kid: 'I might win!'
  • Prizes generates a winning feeling that people enjoy. The chance of winning the Grand Prize is exciting.
  • Remember that small prizes are effective. Coupons or simple offers, generate a winning feeling.

    Everybody likes to feel like a winner.
  • Your product or service is being directly associated with these positive feelings. We all have feelings, let's make them positve.