Scratch Off Cards

Scratch Off Cards

We print millions of scratch off cards that are used around the world. From high to low security. Only a few printers in the U.S. can produce a lab-tested, verified, high-security ticket. We are one of them.

Our scratch off cards are independently lab tested for all security levels.

Instant Win

Traditional scratch off card everybody has played. Take a coin, scratch off and a winner is instantly revealed!

Proven product that continues to deliver consistent results.

Each scratch off card has 1 or more scratch off boxes. Every box needs to be scratched to determine a winner.

The scratch off box can be any shape. We have done shapes of: ornaments, trees, buddahs, etc.

Feel free to dream.

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New kid on the block that is generating a lot of buzz.

Every scratch off card is a possible winner!

Each card has 30 scratch off boxes. Underneath 6 of those boxes are a winning symbol: $. The other 24 boxes have an X. Scratch off only 6 boxes. If the 6 boxes have a $ then the person is a winner!

People absolutely love it!

Why? Because after a person loses, what do they do? Scratch off the rest of the card. Now they see that they would have won if they had picked correctly! Whoa....

Pure excitement!

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