Bingo Cards

Scream Bingo!

Everybody knows Bingo! An easy-to-play game that attracts new and old players alike. Winning Promotions offers many different types of bingo to suit your promotion.

Publication Bingo

Bingo cards are inserted in a publication, and customers look for your ad to find called numbers. The first person to get Bingo or a Coverall calls your number and wins!

Incentive Bingo

Give your employees this exciting incentive that lets them accumulate collect reward points or win prizes.

Sports Bingo

Create or Hand out Bingo cards at a restaurant or sports bar and have customers circle the winning teams playing that day on the card. First Bingo completed wins!

Safety Bingo

"Safety first" in the workplace isn't just a poster on the wall with this game! A new Bingo number is drawn and posted each day. For every day without an accident, points or cash are added to the Bingo jackpot. Winning Bingo gets the cumulative award. If there is an accident, the jackpot returns to zero and new cards can be distributed.

Web Bingo

A great way to attract on-line higher-income customers. Notify by e-mail, direct mail or publication inserts - direct consumers to your website to find the called numbers. First Bingo wins!